1-1 technical assistance

Helpdesk support is provided to governments or organisations implementing, or considering implementing, beneficial ownership disclosure regimes using the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard.

The Helpdesk gives hands-on advice on designing data collection processes and integrating beneficial ownership data with existing systems. It also provides guidance on policy requirements. Later in the implementation journey, the Helpdesk can help to assess whether published data complies with the Standard.

The Helpdesk is also available to those looking for a broader range of support. We can help you if you:

  • Are civil society, and have a question about advocating for beneficial ownership transparency in your jurisdiction
  • Are a user of the OpenOwnership Register and want to know more about using the data
  • Are a data publisher, and would like light touch guidance on topics within our expertise: collecting and storing beneficial ownership data, developing forms and processes for collection, compatibility with data protection frameworks, verification, compliance, enforcement, and user engagement.

If you have a query please contact the helpdesk at [email protected]

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