What we do

Working with governments, the private sector, civil society and journalists, OpenOwnership is leading the way in creating an open data and policy ecosystem that ends the abuse of anonymously owned companies. Our vision is of a world where transparency is a global norm and beneficial ownership data is a vital part of every global business transaction.

To achieve this, we provide a range of support for beneficial ownership data publishers and users, including:

Building a stable and trusted beneficial ownership data standard and user base

The Beneficial Ownership Data Standard (the Standard) is being developed in collaboration with dozens of international experts in company data and in technical standard-setting. It will enable the resulting beneficial ownership data to be interoperable, more easily reused, and higher quality. We are engaging with public and private sector publishers of beneficial ownership data to encourage uptake of the Standard.

The OpenOwnership pilot program

Our pilot program supports data publishers in national governments and multinational institutions to publish high quality, highly usable beneficial ownership data. We provide public entities that are publishing beneficial ownership data (national central registers, procurers, industry initiatives like EITI, etc.) with bespoke technical assistance. The ultimate outcome is a high-quality beneficial ownership data infrastructure that is fit for purpose, complies with our data Standard and is integrated with the OpenOwnership Register.

The lessons learned from these partnerships will also inform the development of implementation guidance, case studies, and best practice for future beneficial ownership initiatives.

1-1 technical assistance

Whether this occurs within the pilot program or on a bespoke basis, we are committed to providing technical assistance to beneficial ownership data publishers in both the public and private sectors. Through our helpdesk (available by contacting [email protected]) we can answer questions about technical implementation and provide a hub for sharing best practice and learnings from different implementations.

Private sector engagement

We are encouraging corporations and financial institutions to use the OpenOwnership Register (and eventually our API) as part of their due diligence processes and to submit their ownership data to the Register. We are currently seeking early adopters to work with so that we can build a strong use case to build momentum.

Sharing knowledge and best practice

We will continue to champion beneficial ownership transparency amongst all our key stakeholder groups. To do this, we regularly hold workshops and events to engage users and gather feedback, and we collate and share case studies of real world use cases and briefing papers through our resources page.

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